Monday, September 27, 2010

AME Zion Church Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington DC

It was a long shot--walking through this sad little cemetery in the farthest possible NW corner of Georgetown yesterday afternoon, hoping against hope to find the grave of the man, Noah Sedgwick, who I have been researching.

I knew that this cemetery would not likely be as manicured as its neighbor, Oak Hill. But I was stunned to see how neglected it had been over the ages, and that these mothers, fathers, sons and daughters were likely evaporated in the memories of the town in which they had lived and served.

So I began taking pictures. I took well over a hundred photos of every grave whose inscription was legible, and I shall try to post them here on this blog, so that any African Americans with a Georgetown heritage may be able to find long-lost ancestors.

I have looked up census info on a couple of the graves--ultimately, I will get as much information on each one as I can.

I've created a set on Flickr--AME Zion and Female Union Band Cemetery.  Go to:

Feel free to download--credit is appreciated, but not necessary!


Ryan Shepard said...

Can we get an obvious link to the Flickr set?

Quondam Washington said...


Of course, after I went to all the effort, I found I wasn't the first to photograph the graves--I will, however, seek to do a little research on every one of them to see who they were, where and when they lived, and maybe who they were related to.

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