Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Around Washington Back in the Day

QW has been very remiss in attending to this blog, which she started with the greatest ambitions of maintaining. 

However, as so often happens in life, her diligence has faltered due to changes in job and personal life.  She apologizes to her readers, and offers amends in the form of a couple of memories she discovered while surfing the Wonder that is the Web this evening.

Like many Washingtonians of a certain age, she remembers the street car and Capital Traction systems which once criss-crossed the city and made driving an option.  Metro has never quite managed to make up for the loss of the street car.  Regard these clips which demonstrate the evolution of public transportation in Washington--and note that QW owes full credit to the folks who posted these on YouTube:

The Turn of the Century

1941 in Washington - or so says
the post; to my eye it could be 

A Rather Sentimental trip from Georgetown to Glen Echo

And Lastly...

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